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National Printing House is one of the largest integrated print companies in Bahrain. Our range of equipment includes machines of wide ranging capacities this ensures that jobs of varying magnitude and of a consistently high quality can be delivered on time and in a cost effective manner.
In addition, since all our operations exist under one roof we are able to ensure quality control and can deliver all jobs in a quick turnaround time.
Innovation and Research in print have been our driving principle. Our internal processes and systems are geared to deliver the highest quality products. We use special made to order inks from leading ink manufacturers which ensure that all print products from National Printing Press bear a unique and distinctive quality.
Our deep interest in product development has meant that we have long standing relationships with leading paper manufacturers in world . We are frequently called upon to gauge the printability and efficacy of a range of papers. We are therefore in a position to source a wide range of paper samples in a short time and advise our clients on the same.
Pre Press
National Printing Press pre press division is capable of handling critical pre press work which include conversion of files from , digital editing and colour enhancement of images.
The National Printing Press team is trained to ensure that all critical validations are met before the application of ink on paper.
National Printing Press was one of the first to adopt thermal CtP (computer to plate ) technology which eliminates positives and the scope for human error. National Printing Press uses all graphic software including the Adobe suite of applications, Quark Express, Freehand and Corel Draw.
All monitors are color calibrated along with the digital contract proofer to match the final offset machine printed sheet.
Drawing upon its strengths as a market leader in sheet fed printing for three decades, National Printing Press recently diversified into offer the advantages of high quality, high volume print runs to its clients.
This division is equipped with the battery of latest Heidelberg machines (all large format, multi coloured, computer controlled) with the ability to do in line aqueous coatings and printing with UV inks.
Post Press
National Printing Press post press is equipped with a state of the art bindery which is capable of delivering consistent high quality and large volumes. Our print finishing team is capable of adding value and executing complex fabrication jobs.
Our different types of binding executed are
NPH Hard case
NPH Section sewn and cover overdrawn
NPH Perfect binding
NPH Centre Pinning (saddle stitched) and loop pinning
NPH Spiral binding
NPH Accordian folders
Finishing processes:
Apart from binding we offer a range of special laminations which includes
NPH Thermal lamination/cold glue lamination
NPH Spot UV (gloss, matt, textured finishes)
NPH Spot foiling in various shades and colours
NPH Embossing/debossing/Die cuts
NPH Laser cutting
NPH Varnish coatings (specialised)
Quality Measures
Quality consciousness is central to all systems at National Printing Press. Specific measures at various stages have been designed to uphold our quality code in various ways.
Pre Press :
NPH Fogra Measuring Bar
NPH Digital Plate Wedge
NPH Media Wedge
NPH Postscript Control Strip
NPH Digital Print Scale
Press :
NPH Print control strip on each sheet to check solid densities, colors balances by means of grey balance, Trapping, Slurring, Doubling and Dot Gain
NPH Dust free and temperature controlled shop floors to ensure optimal efficiency.
NPH During printing, sheets are checked at regular intervals.